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Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort vs. Atheists

Well, the media has done it again.  They've set up something for everyone to check out, and then truly disappointed.  ABCNews advertised a debate between Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron from Way of the Master with folks from the Rational Response Squad, an atheistic organization.

Check out the different videos here or here,  if you have some time.   Note that there have been almost 15,000 comments put on the ABCNews site.  A media success.

I'm just going to give you my two cents, and would love to find out if you agree.  I found all four debaters incredibly sophomoric and uninformed.  I was not surprised at the brash approach of the atheists, but I was shocked at how unprepared Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort were for this debate.  They did an ok job with the argument for design (the teleological argument), but did a horrible job on the argument from existence (cosmological argument).  

An important concept to any argument for God's existence is the idea that the universe had a beginning.  The atheists contended that the universe is infinite.  There is no evidence for this, in fact, all the evidence for the Big Bang points in the opposite direction.  This will come up in further discussions later, I am sure.

For now, let's let William Lane Craig take a crack at whether or not the universe is infinite.  He's deep, but good.

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